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Shnoodlehooper Sh-noo-dle-hoop-er. Made up creature that is no larger than a lofe of bread, and no smaller then a penny. This creature is what ever you might want it to be, but it is good never bad. This creature was first an assignment in a clay sculpting class of Elementary school students in March of 2009. When a Shnoodlehooper walks it is called a shnoodle. The sound they make sounds like they're saying "shnoodley shnoodley shoodley!" Make up your own Shnoodlehooper on a blank piece of paper and let you imagination shnoodle!
Jessica: Hey Megan, come here look at the creature i made look how cute it is!
Megan: Awwwww! You know, i think it looks like a Shnoodlehooper!?!
Jessica: I think you're right!
by J-All June 16, 2009
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