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The Goddess of Alcohol.

The story goes, Shmerwin was one of Zeus's (the God of the Sky) many wives. Although at her time of partnership to him, she was not in fact a Goddess of anything. It is said that while they were having fun on a cloud, one of Zeus's other wives got jealous and tossed her over the edge, hoping to end SHmerwins life. The Wife has chosen to remain anonymous. Unknown to the Anonymous Wife, Shmerwin landed in a barrel of Straw Rum, which penetrated her skin to the point that her blood became Straw Rum, 80% alcohol.

It is also used when describing someone who holds their alcohol well.
Guy 1: Dude, that chick totally drank me under the table at that party last week. It didn't even seem to touch sides, for her!
guy 2: Wow, she must be Shmerwin.
by Munchieman June 17, 2009
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