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It started out on a website I go on a lot, a fan site for Green Day.

It is a longer version of the word sexyful, meaning exactly the same thing, but more exaggerated.

Pronouced "sh-mek-say-furl" it is twice the length of the word sexyful and every two letters in shmeksaypherll make one letter in sexyful. sh-s/me-e/ks-x/ay-y/ph-f/er-u/ll-l

Last thing I have to add. Tré Cool is the definition of shmeksaypherll! <3 Sorry, I had to say that.
(used to decribe each member of Green Day, as it was originally used for them! Also theyre in order of which I think are sexier)

Tré Cool is shmeksaypherll!
Billie Joe Armstrong is shmeksaypherll!
Mike Dirnt is shmeksaypherll!
by Lyddy Cool October 23, 2006
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