A person with a shore, summer, or beach house near the South Jersey Coast, whose permanent residence is elsewhere - typically Southeastern PA, though not always. They think they are locals, but they only know how to get to the beach or Wawa from their "shore" house, and know little else about the area. They also tend to put lOCal stickers, or the like, on their vehicles, which is quite comical for the locals when the car has PA tags.

Derived from shoobie and may or may not be used as a derogatory term, just as shoobie.
-"I'm a local, live on 1st Street."
-"That's funny, I've never seen you around."
-"Well, I live in West Chester in the winter."
-"Oh, what you mean is that you're a shlocal."

-"Dude, your car has PA tags!?!"
-"Yeah, that's where one of my houses is."
-"So why do you have a lOCal sticker on there? You're actually a shlocal."
by Local For Life! March 13, 2010
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A shlocal is a person of localness combined with a shoobie. They typically go to school in PA, but spend their entire summers in a small beach town. Usually they are pretty wealth and live on the main line. They make trips down to the beach all throughout the year, almost every weekend. They are not to be confused with the actual shoobies who may RENT every summer. Shlocals frown upon shoobies. They also are not locals. They do not live down year round, and therefore the true locals find it okay to hate on shlocals but they really shouldn't, because hey, they are part local to!!
Local; Ugh I hate shoobies
Shlocal; SAME!!
Local: You are a shoobie tho...
Shlocal: nah brah I'm a shlocal I'm down all summer, and most weekends in the fall, winter, and spring.

Local; ahh okay your chill then
by bobsmithloveschicken August 29, 2014
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someone who goes to south jersey (or anywhere) for the summer and lives there all summer, but not during the winter months, shlocal is a mix between shoobie and local, usually friends/ know locals, its better than being a shoobie but not as good as being a local
yo youre such a shoobie

nah im down here all summer im a shlocal

ahh word youre cool then
by jimmy13343 May 3, 2011
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