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Shivvy Shivvy, -ies
noun. (used with a def. article, often pl.)
shiv-ee shi-vee

1. The shivers that run up one's spine during cheezy movie scenes, especially romantic denouements.
2. The slight ecstatic feeling that accompanies those shivers.
3. Ironic (1)
4. Childish (1)
Awwww, you cutie. Did that movie give you the shivvy shivvy?
Brenden, you are soooo romantic, you give me the shivvy shivvies.
Oh wow, that commercial gave me the shivvy shivvies.
by Miyamoto, The Musashi November 13, 2010
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A slang term for frisson. Often preceded by "the."

Often spoken in baby talk or among lovers.
"Oh god, this scene is so powerful. It's giving me the shivvy shivvies."
by ThePlasticBear November 13, 2011
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