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This name comes from the Hindu god 'Shiva'.
Shivani - Ambitious

Shivanee is a very unique type of person. She looks at the brighter aspect of every possible predicament. She endures natural beauty that she may not realize. Has her own sense of style. Everybody has an urge to talk to her without even knowing her. She plays her cards well but never hurts anyone through it. Her inner self holds many mysteries that she plans to reveal to her ideal significant other when the time is right. Her personal life throws many difficult speed bumps along the way that only she could survive. She believes in love carefully and is an hopeless romantic. This person is very intelligent, mature, beautiful, daring, exotic, and outgoing. She knows how to have fun the right way. She has big hopes for her future and will pursue whatever gets herself into.
by DesiLove June 24, 2011
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