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A fat mother fucker who has 5 kids at the age of 25 and married some nasty bitch who neglects her kids. He sells dish network for a living and makes very little money because his boss hates him. Shitsthony's are great sales persons and would do well in life if they could read or stay on task. They are generally fat lazy sacks of shit. Shitsthony's are considered to be mooches because they ask for money and food all the time. What they are best at is getting their friends put in jail. They generally dont give a shit about anyone around them so they leave their drugs in other peoples cars and let others take the fall for it. Shitsthony's should be neutered at birth so that we may end the blood line and save the world.
Shitsthony- "Hey man Im really hungry and my kids need diapers."

Boss- "What do I look like a fucking bank?"

Shitsthony- "Well how do you expect me to make sales when I have to worry about my kids not being able to poop?"

Boss- "Fuck"
by Mchammer911 June 18, 2009
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