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A shitlorf is a bad player who does not understand a game, and is extremely bad at video games. The term was found back in 2011 on september 3rd, by Tom, aka Drogo, giving a prime example of a shitlorf: Omer, aka RabbiYumYum519. If you ever experience a player like this in game you could call them out as a shitlorf or you could call them rabbiyumyum.

any questions can be redirected to rabbiyumyum519 in LoL or Ballsacmcgee in various other games, HoN, PotBS.

Also be very careful if his parents arent home, he screams at the top of his lungs over the mic, another sign that you are a shitlorf.

Rabbiyumyum519 is a shitlorf
by therealfellupahill September 03, 2011
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