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Another word for bathroom or restroom at school.

Okay you dont take a rest when you got shit in the bathroom at school why do they call it the restroom.
Also you dont take a bath in the bathroom at school why do they call it that.

A place where you go and take shit or take care of your buisness or flush the fluids etc, and look in the mirror as you walk out.
Ed: Hey Mr. Lawrence can I go to the shitlook room
Mr. Lawrence: Yes chicken biscuit just grab the pass as you walk out.
Ed walks to the shitlook room and takes care of buisness and looks at himself in the mirror as a hot girl walks by.

Ed walks back to class

Ed: Hey Im back from my shitlook break yall
Mr. Lawrence: anyone need a shitlook break berfore we start the exam.

Rick: Yeah I need to take a shitlook break now
Mr. Lawrence: Hey Ricky hurry up now homechickenbiscuit at the shitlook
Rick: Ight I got chu
by ED503WIN November 16, 2009
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