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1. An idiot of such epic proportions that no written and/or spoken language could possibly describe such an individual.

2. A corporate stooge that is beholden to the notion that there are no rules for individuals like him/her (the individual makes it appear as though he/she follows the rules he/she lays out for others) and a thesaurus of rules for everyone else

3. A certain peach coloured individual who has a hamster on his head and is the incumbent president of the world's most (supposedly) powerful nation

4. The NWO/Illuminati who use HAARP to further their agendas to suit their masters' needs

5. An exclamation that exudes shock, disgust, pleasant surprise, anger, frustration and/or general annoyance.
1. "Do you actually work for such shitduckMcFucks?"

2. "Would you look at that? Those corporate shitduckMcFucks fired all 20 of us to save on payroll but gave themselves $40,000 annual bonuses instead!"

3. "That hamster headed shitduckMcFuck is leading the entire world towards extinction! Can't he just hold some inflatable balloons near a construction site?"

4. "Yep, Agenda 21. We know plenty about that and about the chemtrails, too. Those shitduckMcFucks are demons in human bodies and that's being kind."

5. "ShitduckMcFuck! How??? Why???? When??? Are you sure??? ShitduckMcFuck!!"
by Gray_Jedi October 17, 2017
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