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Someone who finds it acceptable to shit onto their hand, and violently clap his or her hands together. This process causes an almighty explosion of shit.

This technique can be hard to master, but once you have perfected your shitclapping skills, you will be able to wrangle yourself out of almost any unpleasant situation.

Also a perfect word for YouTube trolls, as it engages them in battle of bother grammar and common sense.
Wife: "Darling, wont you come with me and my frail elderly mother to the local flower show?"
Husband: "No offence dear, but I would rather shit onto my hand, and clap."

YouTube Troll: "That is the most cruel thing I've ever seen, disliked."
YouTuber: "You stupid shitclapper! Did you watch the entire video??? They weren't in any danger!"
YouTube Troll: "Shitclapper? Wow you, I'll never recover from that, brb, gonna go kill myself."
by MntyTnt January 11, 2015
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