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The toilet initially is clogged up with toilet paper and shit. The victim then attempts to flush it again , with the toilet still being clogged, the shit and toilet paper rises further towards the top of the toilet. The victim then begins to panic and takes out the toilet brush from next to the toilet and attempts to push the shit and toilet paper down with it. This doesn't work and there is now shit on the brush as well. The victim then tries to hide the shit covered brush by putting it back into its case with shit still all over it . The victim then does a quick prayer, closes the lid of the toilet and flushes it again. If lucky, the shit and toilet paper will go down, if not, it will begin to come out of the toilet and create a shit tsunami within the house. If the contents went down with the flush, the victim then pulls their pants up and leaves the toilet as if nothing happened, trying to forget the shit disaster they just experienced.
Mum: "Hey Tom is the toilet clean? The guests will be here soon".

Tom: "I doubt it, I just had a shit disaster".

Mum: " Oh not again, you had one last week".
by El3ctro-Critical April 18, 2017
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