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This is a fine art, it requires a high amount of skill and accuracy. This so-called move can be peroformed on either male or female and leaves a disgusting stench under the nose and maybe even a stain. there is a worked example shown...
First the male or female inserts his index finger or maybe 2 fingers depending on the victim into his rectum or maybe just rubs the crack and then goes in for the kill but rubbing these 2 fingers across his/hers victims upper lip and then claims it by shouting "Shit Tash..1-0" or "Schnibledddd!"
by WiLLo May 06, 2004
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1) A ring of fuzz residing on a prepubescent male's face.

2) Poo on one's face.
Dude, check out the shittash on that kid!
by Matt the Frog January 01, 2008
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