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1: interjection; often used as a spurradic gleeish vocal outburst to express one's inner mentally challenged self being overloaded to the point of combusture, due to circumstances beyond their limited cranial capacitiy's control. See also RETARD ATTACK

2: interjection; meaningless taunt often used by one after one or more of the following criteria have been met:
1. Any of a variety of small plastic objects have been projected into a certain Puerto Rican's ceiling cooling unit (fan)
2. Any one person in the vicinity of a room away from the speaker of the phrase has been violated (usually anally) in male to male copulation (fucking) in an intimate manner for more than ten seconds. This may include the speaker as a reciever or giver of the copulation.
3. Someone's being a homo.
While Joey sits on the bed innocently, Jake throws bottles into the ceiling fan, while Ricky and Tupac intimately copulate onto eachother on the bed, Jeremiah runs around threatening to call all their parents, and Ghandi pees into empty coke bottles. Being too much for Joey to handle, he stands up, shits himself himself, and exclaims "SHIT PILGRIM!" while shaking violently.
by Larry the Ice cream Man April 22, 2004
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