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a scrawny little hipster twerp that nicknames himself Shirtless Sam for playing co-ed softball topless because he wouldn't be distinguishable as a male without showing his disgusting amounts of chest hair. He is know for throwing temper tantrums at the opposing team, as well as members of his own team or any umpire that dares to upset his fragile ego, which may or may not result in him walking out mid-game to "cool off". And watch out young steeds, as he also can be seen making sloppy plays in order to assault male players on opposing teams, leading to doubts of his sexual persuasion. This confusion could also be the root to all of that anger and frustration.
Calm down, Shirtless Sam. Your being such a douchebag your nipples are turning red.
by The rest of NYC September 13, 2010
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