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Became a national used phrase over night when said by Mike AKA "The Situation". As seen on MTV's popular series Jersey Shore (SEASON 2: EPISODE 2). The term describes when an individual, usually of the Guido/Tool variety sports a shirt like a wife beater, prior to hitting the clubs and hooking up with many wasted grenades and land mines. The Shirt he wears out will ALWAYS be ED HARDY, and he will have a plethora of colors from purple to yellow to red and everything in between! This phrase has set the stage for shops on the board walks to have beaters saying "SHIT BEFORE THE SHIRT" all over the East Coast.
- I got the fresh to death kicks on, i got some jeans on, and i got the shirt, BUT i aint wearin the shirt when we go out, this is the shirt before the shirt.

- Yoo Pauly my dude after we GTL you gonna Shirt before the Shirt with me tonight when we hit the clubs and bring home some fine pieces of ass back into the Hot Tub.

Pauly: You know it Sitch right after i finish blowing my hair out with my top of the line products! (He uses Spiker for all you posers and wannabe guidos out there who are not even Italian)

Situation: Right on my dude, and if theres time we can get a quit lift in and see how much we can bench, deadlift and squat!
by GTLer August 13, 2010
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