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The Honorable Doctor Shirley Ann Jackson is the head of a prestigious research institute and is the recipient of a smack tonne of awards. Totalitarian in nature, The Honorable Doctor Shirley Ann Jackson is not to be trifled with, as she commands a small private army. It is best not to speak against her in terms of policy. That is an easy way to get expelled. While maintaining the minimum of student interaction, she successfully invaded the prestigious research institute's Student-run Union, and it is no longer student-run. The Honorable Doctor Shirley Ann Jackson has an annual salary of approximately $5 million, as of 2016. Under President Obama, she sat as Chair of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, and served on the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Unfortunately, none of this is hyperbole or untrue. This fact just makes this sadder in nature.
I had money and freedom. The Honorable Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson took both.
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by Tute Screw December 27, 2018
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