A phrase you say when something is awesome, beastly,or simply when you see a motorcycle that has reflective metal.

Also known in foreign countries as "Brilliante Chromo"

The phrase "Shiny Chrome" Is often said loudly and in a gruff voice, emphasizing the macho-ness of "Shiny Chrome".

Many references to construction can be described as "Shiny Chrome". Flashing lights on construction vehicles are a good example of this. Despite the fact that they don't possess any "Shiny Chrome" They are quite awesome.
Guy 1: "Did you see that motorcycle?"

Guy 2: "Yeah man, that was SHINY CHROME"
by Blank1234567895 January 28, 2011
1. The most beautiful thing that mankind can achive.
2. a lost art on automobiles.
You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome.
by widget master November 19, 2019