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Ok, so once upon a time not long ago, when people wore pajamas and lived life slow, when the law was stern and justice stood, and people were behaving lik ethey all too good, there lived a pretty girl who was misled, by another little boy and this is waht he said, "me and you jess we gonna watch some movies and sneak out fast." they did the job, and fun came with ease! but they couldnt stop its like they had a disease, they watched antoehr and anotehr and another and another, tried to stay up till 5:30 and his father was bothered. ok so shit happend and at 6am, jessica was walking down the street. she was just walking by when she saw this guy who gave her an awkward eye. so she KILLED HIM. with her guns of steel, aka her nigger arms. so she was like, "YEAH, NIGGAH, WHASSUP?" and she went home. and she was like, hmm, now waht am i gonna do? so she decided to become a chuunin from konoha. so she went to the hidden leaf village and learned chidori from kakashi-senin himself. and she passed the exam and became a respected late night shinobi. The End.
girl, im in love with you
this ain't the honey moon
still in the infatuation phase
right in teh thick of love
we never get sick of love
it seems we learn something new everyday
i know i've misbehaved
and you've made your mistakes
but we both still got room left to grow
and though love sometimes hurts
i STILL put you first
and we'll make this thing work
but i think we shoudl take it SLOOOOWW
we dotn know which way to goooo
maybe we should take it slooowww....
by Shinobi Harvey April 15, 2005
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