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A shimoo is a name for any girl with a last name that starts with sh that reminds you of a cute cow. They dont have to have cow-like features but resemble a happy cow in personality.

Female calves can also be called shimoos and at night if you hear a faint shimooing sound, it means a cute cow is having a cute and happy dream. It is very rare to hear this shimooing sound as it is only made by female calves but if you really try to listen you may hear it, anywhere in the world.
Boy: "Can you hear that shimoo?? can you hear it? can you?"
Mum: " There's no such thing as a shimoo, darling, its probably just the wind"
Boy: " No its rare but I heard it, it was having a happy dream"

Friend: " Hey shimoo,your so cute and happy"
Girl with the last name Shimada: " Aww, thanks
by Kagetora2812 May 16, 2011
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