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1. Means "Shimane Prefecture" in Japanese.

2. noun, (un)countable
Rejected "hero" of Japanese society, trying too hard bashing Koreans while shitting on the image of true Japanese's identity. While this name seems to sound like a superhero to anti-Koreans, the real Japanese has no hatred against Koreans nor had grudge against them. In fact, this "superhero" has never been to Japan, and is suspected of being Wapanese.
See Abajian.
from example 2.

From Shimane Ken:
noun, uncountable
also Korean Ice
an illegal drug, usually in the form of a white powder, that is taken illegally for pleasure or used in some medical situations to reduce pain caused by rabies and Korean encephalitis
Now is the time to wipe out Korea from the earth!

Normal Japanese: Fuck you! We don't actually hate Koreans and you are just shitting on our image! Screw this ignorant faggot!
by HateMainstreamMusic June 16, 2008
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