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(1) Verb

To have / take / give a shew dags. To have, take or give a small to moderate amount of something*, but most commonly used to describe having or taking a few drags of a joint or rollie, or giving someone a few drags of a joint or rollie.
*Literally anything with context.

(2) Noun

Weed (cannabis), usually a small to moderate amount.

A full or partially smoked joint or rollie.

(3) To describe time

Usually used to describe an unspecified amount of time.

As a measurement of time
- Most commonly used to describe a time period of about 5 to ten minutes.
(1) - well man could i get a shew dags of that bucky.

- well man could i get a shew dags of that joint.

(2) - Have you got any shew dags. Yea man I've about half a ten spot on me man.

- Can I've some of that shew dags your smoking.

(3) - Where have you been man you've been gone for a good shew dags.

- Can i call someone off your phone it will only take a shew dags.
by Lootintheshoot June 17, 2018
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