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Sheva Alomar is one of the two playable protagonists in the popular game series Resident Evil, being a main character in the 5th instalment (not including spin-off titles).
Starring opposite Chris Redfield, Sheva and Chris work together to take down main antagonist Albert Wesker after a new plot is revealed in which Wesker plans to release a virus known as Uroburos into the atmosphere to infect the planet.
Sheva is also part of the BSAA, specifically the African division of the organisation.
Sheva is the first character included in a game (in Resident Evil's history) to be played via multiplayer and also online, allowing 2 people to play the game together.
Sheva is an African native, being born to her parents whom were killed in an experiment in her hometown gone awry.
She later found out Umbrella was to blame, and set on a quest to learn to fight back and avenge her parent's deaths.

Sheva has 5 costumes in-game for players to choose from. All the extra costumes are more revealing than her standard outfit, and reveal more of her figure.

Sheva is noted for her beauty, having won / been included in many gaming "Top 10 Babes" lists. Her Tribal outfit was named "Outfit of the Year" by Playstation Magazine.

However, she is not a popular choice of character to play in RE5, with people mostly preferring to play as Chris.
Wanna play RE5?" - "Okay, you're Sheva Alomar!" - "Nu-uh, YOU'RE Sheva!" - "Fine then, I'm not playing!"
by FatallyUnharmed April 13, 2011
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