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1. Predatory female that usually intends to do harm.

2. A computer handle being used/swapped around by random participants all over the world on various websites on the internet for "trolling" purposes. The handle is swapped so the troll can not be traced back to one individual and silenced/deleted/banned. The handle is used for the purpose of web communities that mock or create parodies at the expense of other people, or to make mockery of very "cliquey" web communties where moderators or administartors have gone "power mad". The purpose of the game is to create "hyper irony" for intellectual elitists.

ShesVILE seems to stand for "She is VILE" referring to the edutainment media franchise "Where is Carmen Sandiego?" who is the ring leader of an organization called V.I.L.E. (Villains International League of Evil) Further evidencing that the recent trend has been created by a large group of participants, who like Carmen Sandiego and her crime ring, have turned to pestering mundane society to intellectually stimulate or challenge themselves online.
Admin: ShesVILE Thank you for pointing out the obvious!

ShesVILE handle: The "obvious" has gone right over your over sized melon of a head!

Message Board User: Don't feed the trolls!

ShesVILE handle: *slobbers troll drool on you*
by ACMEAgent April 21, 2006
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