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v. 1. to draw a great deal of heat and negative attention (even from the unlikeliest of people) to oneself as from a show of shocking mental retardation; to make a fool or an ass of oneself
2. to draw attention to oneself as by devouring food in great quantities in an obnoxiously conspicuous and gross fashion
3. To say absolutely nothing during a group conversation in less it is to do one of the above 2 definitions
Oscar was assaulted by all of his classmates, as well as all of the teachers outside of the campus grounds for the Sherri Shepherding he did during his classes; he made comments such as, "I don't know if the earth is flat. I've never thought about it. I think we all need to go to the library." This ultimately his classmates and his science teacher and once word got around the school about it, it pissed off everyone else as well.

thirty-four year old Verona was laughed out of her third grade class and pwned over and over and over again by all of her friends, as well as her parents, after she Sherri Shepherded on the subject of sexual intercourse; Verona admitted to being a virgin because she "just ain't not know what sex is. It never crossed my mind. I'm too busy trying to figure out where babies come from to worry about silly, unimportant things like sex."

Although Natasha isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, she doesn't Sherri Shepherd or do anything too outrageously idiotic.

Samuel didn't exactly Sherri Shepherd as he was never harshly raked over the coals or even noticed for his moronic comments; I guess he's attractive and popular enough to be an idiot without Sherri Shepherding.
by Samuel Marsh April 11, 2008
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