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SHERON \sh-er-ron\ is a derivative of Sharon (Hebrew); and the meaning of Sheron is "a fertile plain." This femaile is the epitome of loyalty; She's forever favorable; Envied by friends and loved by enemies; Lazy within limitations yet creatively intelligent beyond measure; Oblivious to her extreme beauty and humbled by compliments of this beauty from within and appearance;
by Sherlewla February 04, 2010
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Better known as Oluwa Shenri Charles (James Charles Associate). He goes around recruiting people to join his gay community. His Gang, called Oluwa Shernri Charles Gang currently has one leader which is Big Daddy Akul. Who is the biggest daddy of them all.
Maldin: ay whose that boy over there there with the tantalising batty

Mukesh: that's sheron, seducing big daddy Akul

Maldini: mhm lemme swing over there and have a taste of their dick.

Mueksh: gay cunt
by Ogvie June 11, 2019
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A name given to a psycho who has been brutally tortured and hunts humans and eats them. You don't want to mess with this possessed killer.
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