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A type of person/intellectual which is obsessed with movies and talks about them nonstop making some people cringe or extremely annoyed. They typically wanna prove themselves but cannot as well. Some people may feel sorry/apologetic towards this type of person but many people don’t since of the person being quite annoying.

Sometimes they are obsessed with Hannah Montana or anyone called Hannah

They also love Miley Cirus for some reason
Bob: Yo you seen the new episode of Hannah Montana?
Joe: No

Bob:well you gotta have at least heard Miley Cirus's new album

Joe: No
Bob: Why?

Joe: i dont want to, Stop being a Sherazzy
by Khio_shmule July 19, 2018
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The term you would call someone when they are very gay and try to turn you gay. It started to rise up in slang in 2017 and is not as common but quite often used
What a Sherazzy
Stop Sherazzing me
by Sherazzy's Dad July 16, 2018
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