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A term used by anyone, announcing their intentions of going to a Sheetz conveinence store. Usually, said person will then either take orders for a MTO (Made-to-Order) food stuff, or will invite other members to travel along with.

Currently, the world record for a Sheetz run was made in 2003 when three college students left Harrisburg, PA to Hagerstown, MD to order food from Sheetz. The famed run included orders for a tuna sandwich, a pepperoni sub, and a cheesesteak. The total time took approx. 5 hours.
Example A
Guy A: "Hey guys, I'm going on a Sheetz run. You guys need anything?"
Guy B: "Yea, get me two chili dogs with onions."

Example B
Guy A: "Hey guys, I'm making a Sheetz run. Anybody want to come with?"
Guy B: "I'll go with ya. I haven't decided what I wanted yet, so I'll figure it out on the way there"
by El Tuna January 12, 2008
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