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Sheeda Darbari is the name given to the prime servile courtier, chief jester and compulsive liar Pervez Rashid from the PMLN party. He is known for making constant lies, cover-ups, baseless allegations and scandals and giving long story telling press conferences while abusing and threatening his power as the Minister for Information/Broadcasting by forcing television channels to cover his conjecture and ambiguous far-fetched outlandish speeches. Sheeda Darbari specifically targets prime time viewers often during peak hours to hijack and troll events or to take the limelight and gloss from others. It is well known that he also instructs bestselling newspapers to publish his spurious articles, comments as to what, when and where he wishes.
Sheeda Darbari is a corrupt politician with a chequered history who exploits reputation management, propaganda, media manipulation and is the PMLN kingpin of spin doctoring. He has a thin disguise of hiding behind his glasses and speaking in very low, soft voice while trying to act polite with a sheepish smile and a ridiculous white moustache. He is a disgrace to the moral and civil society and has also been compared to Hitler’s right hand man Goebbels for his ruthless misaligned propaganda for a brutally corrupt fascist regime.
1. Sheeda Darbari is making allegations of tax evasion.
2. Now....Darbari Saab is saying.....Darbari Rashid is saying ....Sheeda Darbari is saying...
3. “The clip on his expensive sandals cost more than his entire outfit,” said Sheeda Darbari at a prearranged press conference for the media.
by Cricket Buff January 11, 2015
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