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This phrase can have numerous meanings:
1) to penetrate a female human or ape.
2) to go for a piss.
3) to clog a toilet because your doo doo was too large in size.

This phrase is often confusing because of the totally different meanings, but whichever one you choose, use it wisely my friend.
Example 1: Yo man... I haven't gotten no ass in months, I needsta shee shee in the jee jee quick man... REAL PROPER LIKE!

Example 2: God damn, I can't seem to find any toilets around here! I really need to shee shee in the jee jee!

Example 3: Ummm...uhh... I.. I think I shee shee'd in the jee jee... can you please help..?
by Supreme 1 October 30, 2007
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