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1. A term used to refer to a neighborhood that has many small houses and shacks.
2. In Muncie}, Indiana the term is used to describe the Thomas Park/Avondale Neighborhood which was during the time of the Indiana Gas Boom was occupied by the poorest of Muncie's working class who could only afford to build small shacks to live in , compared to the Muncie's East End where Gas boom baron's built fabulous Victorian mansions, or even Muncie's West End which for the most part housed Muncie's Middle class who built smaller but ornate folk Victorian houses and moderately sized cottages, given its small shack-like houses those that lived in other parts of Muncie began to refer to the newly developed Avondale neighborhood the name shed town which to this day has stuck with locals as a the name for the Thomas Park/Avondale neighborhood.
Shed town has became very run down in recent years since the closure of GM, Warner Gear, and many smaller factories around the area.
by frommuncieyo95 October 16, 2016
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