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A conglomeration of the worst things from hell that somehow found its way to earth. This succubus/demoness/bitch takes the form of a human female and tries to fit in with the human community. However, it is quite easy to detect this monstrosity and its out-of-placeness due to its extremely homely and ugly appearance and disfigured features of its body such as perhaps a horribly disgusting pot belly or a gigantic mole on its arm which it may try to cover up with a band-aid or something. Hence due to its failure to appear appealing, the creature is forced to act promiscuous in order to a victim (usually drunk or blind) to siphon the poor soul out of. It will also use gut-wrenching, low blow tactics and whatever it can in order to make itself look better in front of others. These tactics can include anything from gossip to snitching, or any other actions that society may consider graceless. This creature is quickly able to harbor the hatred of others. Which is actually a positive thing due to the fact that people will work together to unite against it. In only a matter a time, the human society will bind together to burn this hellion on a stake in order to serve it justice. However, the best way to rid of this demon and prevent it from doing any damage to your community is to obtain a harpoon-gun and shoot it through the heart and burning the body. However, do not throw the ashes into the ocean. For it will spread its HIV throughout the ocean. A warning to all, if one even suspects someone in your very own community to be the she demon, get your harpoon ready.
Guy 1: Dude, the freaking she demon tried to bang my brother the other day.
Guy 2: Isn't your brother blind?
Guy 1: Exactly.
by THS '10 June 01, 2009
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