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She Trolling (verb) - To She Troll.

She Trolling is the fine art of hanging around looking for women on a night out to pull - generally in locations you expect them to go to such as Taxi Ranks, leaving night clubs at closing time and the like.

The advantage of she-trolling over more conventional methods is that you can take advantage of:

- Getting drunk at home without paying a fortune in clubs
- Not having to buy girls drinks, as they're leaving
- Potentially getting some poon as they're hopefully going to be quite drunk.
Ryan: Fancy going She Trolling tonight?
Me: Sure, where we headed?
Ryan: We'll go to yours, get pissed, then head out to the nearest club at 2am at kickout time
Me: Sounds like a plan!
by SheTroll'r July 24, 2011
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