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Shazinga is a drinking game. When a person has mastered the drinking game Flip Cup, this is a good next step. Every player stands/sits around a table with a face-up cup sitting on the edge of the table (like in Flip Cup). Each person is on his/her own team.

The objective is to flip the face-up cup on top of a face-down cup sitting in front of it so that the face-down cup is inside the flipped cup. When a player does this, he/she yells "Shazinga!!" and each other player must clink their drinks together, say "I suck," and take a drink.

The player who made the cup leaves his/her cup on top of the cup it landed on and the the next round starts when any player says "Go!" This continues until a player has reached 5 cups. When this happens, that player puts a beer bottle underneath one cup and resumes the game with the same objective of trying to flip his/her cup on top of the cup on the beer bottle.

The game ends when a player makes 5 cups onto the beer bottle. When this happens, every other player needs to finish their drinks.
Flip Cup is a good example of Shazinga.
by Doosty McBlackout July 25, 2010
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