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1-) Shazamanitis is an inflamination of ignorance and utter stupidity usually manifested in the form of a Nasty, Hooker-esq Woman.

2-) A condition of being with a Nasty, Hooker-esq Woman.

3-) A Fabulous, Nasty, Hooker-esq Woman who displays Needless
and irritating and false sense of Fabulocity.
1.)Man...The beak's New Date is totally eat-up with Shazamanitis.
2.)After Last Night I am sure Dumb-boy Has a raging case of Shazamanitis from that Bitch.
3.)Hand me a beer's friend is the epitome of shazamanitis Hands Down.
by Dr. PeterDouglas March 19, 2008
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