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The fucking best thing to ever happen to the world. Born in Fort McMurray Alberta to a not-so-virgin, she is considered to be the female Jesus of her time, her occupation includes going around preforming miracles, turning bread into whisky and weed and in her own words ''fucking shit up.''

Shaybea Morrow has had a large impact on today's society, as a leader in the fashion world she has created such fashions such as jeans, sweaters, crocs and snuggies. Other accomplishments of Shaybea Morrow include inventing almost anything and everything used today like cars, sliced bread, vowels, words, math, food, rain and noise.

And yes, she can teach you how to dougie.
"Our Shaybea who art in heaven,
hallowed be your name...."

" What church do you belong too ?"
" The church of Shaybea morrow and later day Saints"

Shaybea Morrow Is more rare then mewtwo.
by Notshaybea May 31, 2011
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