Shawnice is an amazing beautiful girl.Great girlfriend. Loves to dance but is horrible. Very sociable. Very bipolar. One of the sexiest girls yu will ever meet. Don’t wanna lose a Shawnice
“I met a gorgeous girl named Shawnice the other night.”
by Savannaha November 7, 2018
The coolest funniest smartest beautiful girl you will ever meet. Shawnice is absolutely gorgeous you will never want to stop looking at her. Shawnice is hilarious and will always make you smile even when your sad she will always be there to cheer you up. Your lucky if you ever get to be friends with a shawnice. She is so smart and will help you whenever you need it. Shawnice is very social and can be friends with just about anyone, but still gets a little shy sometimes. She has the sweetest voice ever like an angle.
Person one: I wish I could be friends with shawnice she’s so nice and pretty.
Person two: just go up to her! She’s super funny I’m sure you will get along with her nice. :)
Person three: yeah shawnice is awesome I love her!
by Starstarlolz8<3 November 23, 2022