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shawarma scene is defined as a final easter egg at the end of all the credits as seen in the Movie the Avengers.
At the end of the credit of the Avengers you see the heroes in the shawarma scene when Iron Man and the Avengers are just calmly enjoying shawarma.
by EhnotherPodcast July 27, 2013
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Originally describes the final scene after the credits in the movie The Avengers where the exhausted heroes calmly eat shawarma, the term now generally applies to all such easter egg scenes at the end of movie credits.
*credits roll* "Think there's gonna be a Shawarma Scene?" "Let's stick around and find out."
*credits roll after Marvel movie* "Wanna stick around for the Shawarma scene?" "Hell yeah!"
by UnableToThinkClearly May 31, 2018
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