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Someone you can go to when you need anything. Shavanah can keep secrets and are very optimistic, kind, loud, annoying at times, caring, easily excited, and very lovable. They are different, but in a good way. Sometimes, they tell you what you want to hear, not the truth. Other times, they can be brutally honest. They can be hurtful at times without meaning to. For example, they can say something hurtful when they are angry and it just flies out. They don't like to apologize immediately in an argument They are wonderful to be around and they are so beautiful inside and out. They will get far in life, no matter the obstacles and hardships in its path. They love to try new things and love to reinvent themselves. Sometimes, they get into fights with their best friends, and more often than not, over the stupidest things. They are full of life and can make people laugh. Shavanah tends to only have a few best friends, but loves them unconditionally. Shavanah also likes to make her best friends' days better. Shavanah also loves to give advice and help her best friends gain the self confidence that they need. They have a lot of big plans in the future. They usually give you a new perspective on life. If you have a Shavanah in your life, they are worth keeping no matter what happens.
"Hey, you are a Shavanah."
"Why, thank you!"
by Gibb Gibbs January 11, 2013
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