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A loving person,that loves her family. She is very crazy when she has to be.She is very over protective of her family. She has a great bestfriend name TyNya. She can be the loveliest person (when she wants to be). Shauniya loves her family in fact she is going to a family get together this weekend. If there is a big party Shauniya will be in the middle of the dance floor. She's not shy, not one bit. The point is that Shauniya loves her family and friends. Probably even you.
Shauniya is a better turn't person than you!
by ygk._niya September 26, 2019
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A very smart and loving person. She cares and loves her school work. She loves her family and loves the people around her. Shauniya is not shy at all, when she has to show her inner self she will. She has a very turn't personality. And a very turn't best friend. She also loves school.
When you did that play you '' Shauniya'd '' it.
by ygk._niya April 25, 2019
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