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a really cool man. in straylight run, plays bass. used to be in taking back sunday playing bass for them too.

BIRTHDAY: 11/12/1980
MOVIE: Freddy Got Fingered
RECORD: way too many to pick
RESTAURANT: Kate's Joint Ave. B Manhattan, Taiko Japanese Restaurant Rockville Centre
FOOD: Anything without LACTOSE!"
SPORT: mixed martial arts/soccer
ACTOR/ACTRESS: emanuel lewis
AUTOMATIC OR MANUAL? automatic... yeah Will I know I'm a wuss. hehe
FAVORITE QUOTE: "I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible..." Nietzsche
WHAT DID HE ASPIRE TO BE AS A CHILD? A rockstar or a blacksmith
Oh my god! that man playin the 5 string bass looks like a potato... is it... i think it is... its SHAUN COOPER!!!
by Shaun's Joint No1 Fan February 03, 2004
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