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1. An act of defecation
2. Excrement

3. To defecate

Sometimes shortened to 'shash' i.e That guy is a real shash OR George Bush is such a shash.

Slang term used predominently in the United Kingdom. The term gained popularity during the 2007 banking crisis and was used to describe bankers with inflated salaries and the resultant financial turmoil. Has been used as a substitute for the word 'shit' on radio to avoid offending young audiences. Brought to prominence in the song aptly titled 'shashmahoonie' by UK band Breakspear.
Watch out when the shashmahoonie hits the fan! (noun)

These bankers have left us in the shashmahoonie. (noun)

I'm going for a shashmahoonie. (verb)

by Rabid Swamp Goat March 26, 2009
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