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Sharukh Khan is one of the most talented Actors on the whole wide world. In the Indian Film Industry he's called King Khan and is right now the most famous actors. His movies are even shown in europe and america. He's born on the 2nd of November, 1965 in new dehli, India. He's since 15 years in the bollywood Film-Industry now and runs Bollywood.It was his parents wish that he should become actor, thats why he went to mumbai(Bombay)to fulfill their wish. At the beginnig of his career, everybody told him that he'd never become an actor, he was too "ugly" and nobody would like to see him acting. But he showed everyone after hard work that he can be more than an actor, he's King Khan...
"Yo, did you see Sharukh Khan's movie Veer-Zaara?"
"Yeah It wuz even showed on german TV man. That was too crazy!"
by Indian_og_06 May 11, 2006
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