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A week dedicated to those individuals that fart “and a little shit comes out.” The reason this week is chosen is because it is synonymous with the popular “Shark Week.” Since these animals are deadly and terrifying, the average viewer will have a buildup of fright and feces, causing them to shart instead of fart. Although a shart will always put an individual in a conundrum, on this week that person can let it all go as it is documented in all of it’s shit filled glory.
I went over to Walter’s house to watch the annual Shark Week, and as the sharks came too close for comfort, it unfortunately became Shart Week.
by Team Beavis August 02, 2010
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A rather horrific bout of diarrhea will sometimes - rarely, but sometimes - result in your very own week-long discovery channel special. However, unlike the other special on Discovery Channel, NOBODY WANTS TO FILM IT!
Mike: "Just got back from a trip to Cabo."

Ike: "Awesome, how was it?"

Mike: "Great... Until I drank the water. I'm now hosting my own personal discovery channel special."

Ike: "What?!"

Mike: "SHART WEEK, my friend. Shart week."

Ike: "Why are telling me this... while sitting on my couch?!"

Shits, squirts, diarrhea, craps, turds
by Ungoliantschilde June 21, 2012
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when an individual has consumed some rotten or vile food, beans, spoiled food and cannot stop sharting (wet fart, shit +fart) for a whole week non stop. the individual may soon get worried and go to the doctor only to find out it was a malignant tumor in his intestines causing the explosions.
tony: hows it going alex

alex: aww man its been a total shart week
by Corn-man May 24, 2010
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