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One who is wise, a perfectionist, appreciates stability, and finds responsibility. Always learning from experience, walking away with the lesson, seldom to repeat it. Likes time alone and exploring the spirituality of life. Excellent worth ethic, and the applied efforts grow into a fruitful harvest over time that will be remembered for all eternity. Needs to remember, however, to play a little more and lighten-up the sense of humor. The derivative of "little Shara" in Spanish.
If you want someone to get the job done well, hire a Sharita.
by Magick Star February 04, 2010
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Charming girl, polite, super-mega-fun, knows how to drive standard (which is sexy as hell), will tell it like it is and could never look awkward. Definitely the most delicious kiss you could get from a girl will come from Sharita
I met a blond goddess by the name of Shara, but I like to call her Sharita. not sure if she likes that though.
by BelgianBoy May 02, 2011
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