A filipino slang term for "I don't care," or "I don't give a damn." It is usually used when someone is telling a long story but you want to piss that person by not giving an actual response and just say "share mo lang?" It can be also used when your not interested in what the other person is saying or when you just don't really care what the other person is talking about.
Badang: Hey I heard that Robin got scolded because of what he posted on Twitter. You know that's totally embarrassing LMAO. He deserved it TBH because he's annoying.
Badong: (not listening) Share mo lang?

Maria: I love chocolate crinkles!
Mario: (he prefer cupcakes) Share mo lang?
by dont ridicule me January 06, 2019
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It is the filipino millennial term for "I dont give a fuck" when you dont care what the fuck that person is saying.

Me : Share mo lang.
by Hermaphrdite August 10, 2018
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