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A Minecraft gamer that has been playing since Minecraft's day of release.
Holy shit, there's lots of Sharduls in this server. Life's gonna get real tough real quick.
by Infernal Anonymous November 16, 2018
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is the state of wanting to do something and not wanting to do it at the same time.
Friend 1 (possibly Shardul): Arrey yaar lets go to the strip club, but wait lets not go.

Friend 2: Stop being a Shardul. (Literal/Figuratively/or both)
by bahinya May 03, 2016
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A man who takes pride in his chest hair; a man who encourages girls to touch his chest hair freely in order to transform them into women.
Girl 1: You have a lot of chest hair.
Shardul: Yes, it forms a triangular pattern. Touch it, I'll make you a woman.
Girl 1: You're such a Shardul!
Shardul: Lightweight!
by R Squared February 16, 2006
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