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A smallish dark haired animal that is a cross-breed between a raccoon and a chinchilla. This versatile animal can be quite wiley and sometimes can be seen performing Ninja moves that resemble Chris Farley from Beverly Hills Ninja. This animal has a screachy voice that is often compared to the mythical Banshees.

The term can also refer to someone that can spontaneously change from being a nice to a crazed lunatic. Often comparisons are made to Stewie Griffin from Family Guy in the episode where Stewey goes crazy for Pancakes (that people mistakenly believes is Crack Cocaine).
"Man, that girl just went sharanimal for no reason!"

"Dude, my gf went sharanimal when she saw me talking to those chicks over there. I got scratches all over my body and she tried to ninja kick me!"

"Remember that episode of Stewie hooked on pancakes? She was just like him, all Sharanimal!"
by The Questionerrrrrr August 12, 2009
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