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Shaquime is a brave queen. She's intelligent, sweet, kind, loyal, loving, caring, down to earth, a very beautiful and sexy girl, try not to forget about that SMILE she has omg literally lights up any room she walks in. But you don't want to get on her bad side, trust me. Shaquime often cares a little bit too much mostly for people who she truly love. When she love she loves HARD. She has a huge heart. She's a good friend and a good partner. Once she loves and cares for you she'll hold you down and always make sure you're okay. She usually don't get back the kind of love she gives. At first she's really shy and socially awkward but once she's comfortable around you, you'll see the real her, a fun,goofy and very sarcastic person. She is very picky with the people she chose to open up to. She's often misunderstood, only people who are truly into her will stick around to learn the real her and love her for who she is. She may be hard to get to know but she's near impossible to forget when you get to know her. Her future is always on her mind, a very ambitious girl. Always thinking of creative ways to be successful in life. Man! I can write a whole book about Shaquime but here is where I'll stop. :)
wow, is that Shaquime?

Hey Shaquime :)

Shaquime is a mystery
by sxha February 13, 2017
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