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Shanolin (Sha-no-lin) The name that defys the laws of time, space and physics. A name once used by the ancient jedis to represent their great master. Shanolin was also know as the leader of the legandary BlaQ tribe, having conquered most of the earth. Not many people know about this great race as the amount of skill needed to translate the superiorority will be too much even for einstein. Shanolin is also the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs. Shanolin can mean many things such as

-yo mothers stalker
-the mini Samuel L Jackson
-the spawn of morpehus and Xena

and shanolin is also superior to

-chuck norris
-god or any other greater being
- any daniel related person(s)
There is only one known example of shanolin and that is the ever so great shanolin himself. The only other human capable of reaching even close to shanolins superiority upon humans and all other life would be Chuck Norris, and Obama. It is said if challenge Shanolin to a fight (and live), you will have the power of an infinity amount of rhino elephants. Yet there are no current reprts of this happening as yet.
by BlaQ Beast May 12, 2010
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